1. Q. Where can I find instructions for using these products?
  1. Q: Why don’t I get the same amount of coffee each time I turn the knob on the dispenser?
  •  A: The doser was not completely filled. Look at the doser to make sure it is completely filled before turning the knob, if not, tap the side of the dispenser.
  1. Q: Why is the coffee filtering through so slowly?
  • A: It is possible that the coffee has been ground too fine.
  1. Q: Why doesn’t my filter stay on the dispenser and/or the wand?
  • A: The adapter selected may be wrong. Be sure to check the number on the adapter and use the one made for that filter.
  1. Q: Why doesn’t the adapter go into the bracket of the dispenser?
  • A: Check to make sure the smooth side of the adapter matches up with the smooth side of the bracket, and insert until the locking clips click.
  • Or
  • A: Insert the adapter by pinching the open ends, holding it in an upside down U formation. Refer to instructions located on the home page if needed.