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G. Eklund
I am a big fan of refilling my K-cups with my favorite coffee. I usually use the Solofill cup however I have occasionally cleaned out a used K-cup and refilled it. This system makes the refilling process a breeze. Just click the cup into the Dispenser and dump your favorite grounds into the top. Then pull the cup straight out and you have a perfectly filled cup. Any extra coffee falls to the bottom of the Dispenser and is easily dumped back into your coffee storage container. No muss, no fuss. Works like a champ!

This has been an amazing product. I love being able to use my choice of coffee. It is so simple to make a cup of coffee and I don’t have to throw away those k-cups. Thank you for Single Cup Accessories.

Peter V. Lancisero (MULINO, OREGON, US) - See all my reviews
This system is the Best way to Refill Kcup type reusable filters!!! It is fast and easy to use and will save you tons of money!!! Get one today!!!